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Construction Journal May 2004

1,2 & 5 - We put the beams up. On Saturday Leslie showed up to help and we all had a BBQ that night. We ended up getting a late start the next day (too many margaritas). On Sunday Mark and I decided to put the tractor to work since it was just he and I. We would put the beam on the bucket, Mark would raise it, and then I would guide it into the saddles. We put up about eight of them by ourselves, but we had a guy come in and help Wednesday. Mark, Juan, and I finished the beams by lunch and then started on the top plate.

8 - Mark & I finished the top plate, straps, and finished screwing down about half of the hardy frames. I got to use power tools the first time last night. I am generally not allowed to use sharp objects. I tried screwing in the screws under the tops of the beams and found that my shoulders muscles leave a lot to be desired and Mark had to finish.

9 – We stood the walls in the master bedroom and chalked it all out in the kid’s rooms.

12 – Stood the walls in the utility & powder rooms. We had to cut down the studs where the trusses were going to sit directly on them at the Master wall. On Sunday night when we looked up and realized our mistake, we were too tired to fix it…

15 – Day Off! B was a guide at the Desert Museum for International Museum Day.

16 – The kids assembled and stood their walls. This was so cool to see. They totally get the concept of the sill and top plates. They laid out the studs, trimmers, and headers.

19-23 – We made sure that everything was ready for the trusses to be delivered.

26 – Trusses!

29&30 – Started the window and door frames

I really can’t believe how fast this month has gone by. We have gone from only concrete to an actual building! The interior walls are all up, the doors and windows are all in and the skeleton is complete. I have become a pro at the chop saw and still have all my fingers to everyone’s amazement. The roof has gone on just in time. The temperatures have been 100 – 110. I never knew how much shade could do. The only downside is that we had awesome tans. It looked like we were spending all our time at leisure on the beach!

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