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The common name Palo Verde refers to the green bark of the trunk and limbs which are capable of low-level photosynthesis when the tree is leafless. The Blue Palo Verde has a slight blue-green tint to the bark and leaves. The leaves are small, round, and readily dropped in response to dryness.  The attractive yellow flowers appear in spring but can also appear in response to summer rainfall. The seed pod resembles Mesquite and is valued by numerous animals. When in bloom the Blue Palo Verde attracts bees and other insects as well as a habitat for birds year-round.  Usually a low-branching tree and often multi-trunk.
The Blue Palo Verde likes to grow along dry washes making it an extremely drought tolerant choice. Supplemental watering encourages faster growth but may result in weak limbs and shortened life span. It is recommended to reduce or discontinue supplemental water after the tree becomes established.
The Blue Palo Verde tends to bloom a little earlier than the other Palo Verdes and I like the rounder leaf, which makes up for the thorns in my opinion.

Blue Palo Verde (Parkinsonia florida)

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