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A hummingbird magnet, somewhat shrubby green plant, often many branched with brilliant red or orange, trumpet-shaped flowers blooming in profusion near ends, commonly oriented in the same direction.
Other common names include California-fuchsia (from the resemblance of the flowers to those of Fuchsias), Hummingbird Flower, and Hummingbird Trumpet (the flowers are very attractive to hummingbirds). There's probably no better California native plant for attracting hummingbirds.
California Fuchsia is easy to grow. It does best and will flower most profusely in full sun. Epilobium canum is found by seasonal creeks, seeps and springs in the low desert so it does require supplemental irrigation in the summer months especially. Plants tend to get straggly after flowering by late fall or early winter. If it does not die back and go dormant on it's own, it is best to cut them back to the ground as soon as the flowers are spent, and they'll come back back lush and healthy in the spring. Otherwise, they'll look straggly and unhealthy the next year, and are more likely to die. This plant will readily self-seed, so once you get this species established, it will usually start springing up around your garden. It also spreads by rhizomes. 
This plant is on several fire resistant plant lists.

Hoary California Fuchsia (Epilobium canum)

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