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If you're looking for a strange-looking desert plant that's also very easy to propagate, this may be the one for you. Paper Spine Cactus is covered with long, white spines with papery texture and ribbon-like waves that are its signature. Although the paper spines are flat and smooth, glochids- very short barbed spines that hook onto other things that come into contact-  are found in the areoles of the stems as well. The stems have irregular, oblong shapes that look like pine cones that are loosely stacked together due to it being a variant of the Pine Cone Cactus. These stems are loosely joined and can’t stand much pressure. Stems will eventually fall or be knocked over, and root themselves given the right conditions. Because of this, the stems like to stay low to the ground, usually within 1.5 feet. Excellent container plant. Flowers are very showy, large, and b