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Sweetbush, is a perennial shrub with slender rushlike, almost leafless stems. Most of the year it is covered in yellow daisy like flowers or the tan spiky remnants. It is found in sandy washes, dry gravelly or rocky areas
This is one of my favorite native shrubs. It forms a perfect mound about 3 foot high and wide but can get much larger with supplemental irrigation. 
Chuckwallas are known to relish Sweetbush, giving it another common name Chuckwalla's Delight. Insects visit the plants for nectar, giving the Spanish name Chuparosa (to suck). Careful not to confuse it with Justicia californica, also known as Chuparosa. This is why scientific names are important!  Seeds of Bebbia juncea may be eaten by birds and small mammals. Sweetbush is a magnet to a large number of insects and the plants are a haven for butterflies and moths. As a native species it is an important addition to your wildlife habitat.

Sweetbush (Bebbia juncea)

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