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Straw Bale Construction entry Wall in Progress

DesertStrawHouse Native Plant Nursery
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Balancing Sustainability and Comfort

At DesertStrawHouse, our mission is to provide the tools and resources needed to create a balance between people and nature. We believe you can still enjoy the little luxuries in life while preserving the environment. Our plant nursery grows and sells a variety of plants that are native to the area to help you build a sustainable home. We are committed to providing advice and guidance, helping you create the perfect oasis, right in your own backyard. Join us on the journey as we learn to live in balance with nature.

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DesertStrawHouse Native Plant Nursery


We specialize in plants that provide wildlife habitats focusing on native plants from our local desert and deserts similar to ours. We use organic growing practices and grow almost all of our plants on-site ensuring quality plants ready for the extreme conditions of our desert.

Stay With Us!

We are a unique, rural property in the foothills just outside of Palm Springs, California. As a Certified Wildlife Habitat and Monarch Waystation, you are immersed in a living desert. Whether you are here to write your next song, hike Joshua Tree, enjoy Palm Spring's Village nightlife, or just relax, we've got something for everyone.

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DesertStrawHouse's Construction


We wanted to design a house ourselves, and I stumbled across this crazy way of building with strawbales and became intrigued. What we found was unique, environmentally friendly, and possibly less expensive and so this journey began…

If you want to know what I think about things, this is where you find it. My journals from when we built the house are here, I write about what's going on environmentally in the world or just my little piece of it, ideas I have on how we can live more sustainably, and all the things that interest me. If you are interested in any of that, click the Read More button!

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