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Do This in Your Garden

Seasonal advice for desert gardeners. Click the button for the most current advice, or scroll down to look for other times of year.

Time of Year

January is one of the slow months in our desert gardens. The days are pleasant but there is a possibility of frost at night. Winter Solstice was in December and the days are short so plants are growing slowly or are in dormancy.

We are finally coming out of the dark days of winter with the days becoming noticeably longer and the temperature generally mild.


Wildflowers are starting to bloom and plants are coming out of dormancy. Now through March, you will see a significant difference in your garden. If you are going to do any planting or pruning projects, now is the time so the plants can acclimatize and recover before the summer.

3 / March

March is one of the most beautiful times in our desert. This is the time to go on hikes or leisurely drives. Look around and see how nature designs her landscapes. Recreate this in your own gardens!

4 / April

Every year my senses are overwhelmed with the sounds, colors, and fragrance of spring as our desert reaches its fullest potential! As we are starting to wind down our garden tasks for the slower pace of summer, it is important that before the heat or you leave for the season, you complete some basic maintenance checks on your yard and irrigation.

5 / May

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6 / June

June marks the beginning of summer and the end of our gardening chores for this season. The next three months it's time to relax and enjoy our gardens while floating in the pool. Dream of the projects you want to tackle and plants you want to plant in the fall!

7 / July

July summer is in full swing. Temperatures can be anywhere from 105 to 120. We may be dry or have monsoonal humidity. Gardening tasks should be done in the early morning. This is the time to really begin planning anything you want to accomplish in the fall.

8 / August

Summer is almost over! The planting season starts September 15th! This is not the month to tackle any big garden tasks. Let your garden rest and take care of itself. Except for irrigation, pay attention to your irrigation. By mid-September there will be a noticeable difference in the length of the days. Even though it will still be hot, it won't be hot for as long. We just need patience now.

9 / September

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10 / October

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11 / November

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12 / December

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