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Psorothamnus emoryi

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1 gallon; 5 gallon

Plant Care

Native region:

Local Native

Water needs:



Mature size:

Growth rate:

Full Sun



Flower color:

Flower season:




none required




Nectar pollinators:


Nighttime pollinators:


Rabbit resistant:


Dalea Emoryi, Dyebush, White Dalea, or Emory's Indigo Bush, is a small shrub in the pea family native to the Coachella Valley. Dyebush grows to 3-4 feet tall making it an excellent foundational planting in a native garden or wildlife habitat. The leaves are hairy and grayish white, a color helping reflect sunlight. It is covered in fluffy balls of purple flowers from March to June, and persists until the hottest and driest weather prevails near early or midsummer. As a true native to the desert, irrigation is not required but growth and flowering will be enhanced by supplemental water. The plant is fragrant and oily and has been used for dyes and stains.

Growing Plants in the Desert — Important Information

The information presented here is, to the best of my knowledge, accurate and based on my research from reliable sources, observations I have made of plants growing in my, and other gardens I have visited, and observations of the plants in their native habitats. I would appreciate your feedback and experience to help me educate others! 


Cacti: In my experience, cacti are much happier in the filtered shade here in the low desert of the Coachella Valley. Colors are more vibrant and they bloom more profusely, especially the non-native varieties. If you pay attention to how our native barrel and beavertail opuntia grow in the wild, it is frequently tucked in the rocks under creosote or another shrub.


Light Requirements: I have found that in our desert (Sonoran/Colorado) “full sun” plants can take and appreciate the late afternoon filtered sun, especially in the hot summer months.

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