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Construction Journal January 2004

Holidays are over and everyone is finally back to work! We get the corrected plans to resubmit to the county, but they come back again saying not everything had been corrected. By this time we were tired of waiting, so Mark did some research and decided to correct the plans himself. We met with Engineer Tony to discuss what was still missing in his section. We got a quick lesson in engineering so that we could talk to the county and find out what their questions really were. When we met with the engineer at the county we found that he didn’t have anything negative. He was asking questions to understand straw-bale building better because he was curious. We also talked to the person responsible for approving the code section of the plans and got everything corrected for him also. In hindsight now, we would only hire the engineer. The rest of the plans we designed and ended up doing the corrections ourselves also. So the draftsman was basically a waste of money. We could have done it all ourselves but were intimidated by the process.

Mark searches the Internet and purchases a Bobcat type tractor made by New Holland from Texas. All of the used ones here in Southern California were thrashed and had four to six thousand hours on them. Not to mention they were $10K – 15K. From Texas, we got one with a little over eight hundred hours on it for $7200 and $1000 to ship it.

Mark starts the grading and Lisha gets a lesson on submitting vouchers from the bank to get money back. So excited!

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