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Construction Journal March 2004

We called one of the plumbers to tell him we were ready and what was his schedule like now. He said that he was increasing his bid two to three. We assumed he meant hundred, but when he gave us the paperwork, it said thousand! And this was just for the rough plumbing! Mark asked if he meant hundred not thousand and he said thousand was correct. We asked what the increase was from and he said “cost of living.” I guess he got a new mortgage. So we called Goodman Plumbing, the other plumber that we were interested in. He also said that the cost would go up two to three, but he was specific about what materials had gone up and by how much. He meant two to three hundred – NOT thousand, so we hired him.

17 - We rented the John Deere again, but this time we added a backhoe so we could trench for the plumbing. While we were at it we ran water down the side of the property (660 feet). The trenching was fairly easy, but it all had to be filled in by hand. I have come to believe that rocks totally suck!

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